Contemporary art space founded in 2008.
Saint George/Romania



simultanSimultan Festival

Festival for video, media arts and experimental electronic music, an event born to offer a platform for the new generations of artists and young cultural producers.


Portrait of Vetro BarnabasBarnabas Vetró

He creates fanzines and installations, leads creative workshops. Founder and editor of the Talking Eyes radio show (2015-), creates illustrations, columnist at Cimbora youth magazine, teach visual arts at the local Art School.
Saint George/Romania


Estefan Arnold portraitArnold Estefán

He and Anca Benera have been working collaboratively since 2011. They are co-founders of the Center for Visual Introspection in Bucharest where they generated a series of workshops, public art projects and publications between 2008-2012.


Kozma Levente portraitLevente Kozma

He works with video, photo and installation. He is the co-founder and director of the Simultan festival for video, media arts and experimental music.Founding member of the Simultan Association, a cultural NGO which promotes and supports manifestations in the field of contemporary art and culture.