apathy work photo documentation 1

Apathy installation consists of two parts, one with several color-catchers glued together as a book or as a fancy color palette, ordered ‘nicely’ by  shades, and the other one, of a sheet of color-catcher cast in polyester resin with the date of creation/washing written on the outside – like a special date …

Color-catcher is a consumer product, a sheet of special paper which you put inside the washing machine and it catches the different color residues from the mixed laundry, therefore preventing cross-color-contamination of your precious clothes. It is a pseudo-practical product, which mostly exploits people’s fears, aim for perfectionism, or maybe even the need of avoiding mixing different things of different colors together.

After collecting for several months these sheets, I had a thought that washing machines are one of the best contemporary painters!

This work was exhibited at Maybe 4 group exhibition in Saint George, Romania.