Artist making a diagonal with his body in a subteran parking lot of a shopping centre.

Several years ago I made a few experiments with my body in horizontal and vertical positions, I placed myself in locations, where horizontal or vertical lines of force were predominantly present. Later I made a sound installation/performance, where a steel cable as a diagonal line went through an inner space, then a few years later another diagonal installation was made at Maybe1 exhibition in Saint George/Romania. In June 2009 as an ad-hoc action at Athlone’s castle I made my first diagonal installaction, then after one year making another one, then like a flood I started to make new ones, than I made an open call for making diagonals. In 30 July 2016 I made an exhibition in Bastion Gallery/ Athlone/ Ireland.

Below is only a selection of diagonals. There is also a Facebook group of this project.