people rotating on flagpoles as flags

Performance by Kakukkfu Yosuke (Happening)
Odyssey Simulator, Second Life
21 November 2010

This performance was part of “Zeitgeist – L’esprit du moment”, simultaneous and cross-broadcasted performances at Odyssey in Second Life and at the MuroGallery – Geneva

This short video documentation, needs to be completed by a short descriptive text:

  • Kakukkfu is putting a lollipop like flagpole on the ground, he jumps on the top of it, catch with his teeth the pole and start to wave himself.
  • he is attaching a ribbon to his feet, later others can take a copy of the flag or use their personal flag
  • after some time he start to duplicate the flagpoles – making 2, than 4, than 8 pieces.
  • he is asking the inworld public to wave themselves on the flagpoles
  • first everybody is waving outward, than Kakukkfu rotates inward the flagpoles. Peoples are intersecting each others, concentrated sovereignty.
  • a box with weapons is rezzed on the ground, people can take a gun or a sword and shoot the passive viewers or shoot/cut their flag peers. Very few wanted to fight.
  • he throw a rotation script in every pole one by one, edit the speed and change the z axis for some of them.

It was a nice addition that some participants interacted in their own way with this work. At one point someone set fire to everything, others used particles emitting Super Marios, brain pieces, fish. At the end SaveMe Oh had some colored materials attached to herself and start rotating like a hurricane, I almost could hear the word “freedom”.