Never Alone

The exhibition gathers several Romanian artists living abroad, who reflect upon the condition of being an emigrant through various artistic practices. The collection of artworks intends to provide a narrative record of the actual situation, where the involved artists describe this special condition, while contributing directly to it with their own specific cultural and emotional background.

Curators: Monotremu and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space
Special thanks to: Odyssey Simulator, Diogetz Barbosa (Second Life, scripting), Botond Vajna (Second Life, 3D modeling)


Domokos Váncsa – Bread and fish
cyberformance, Second Life, 2010/2015

B5 / K’arte – Târgu Mureș /// 03.09-04.10.2015
MNAC – Bucharest /// 04.06-01.11.2015


Domokos Váncsa – Domes
cyberformance, Second Life, 2015

MAGMA – Sfantu Gheorghe /// 27.06–24.07.2015